Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Single/Couple/Ready To Mingle?

I am always confuse with few of my friends with regards of their relationship. Was it for temporary or they really do want it to last for their second child? Ok I admire my mum & dad's real relationship as for it going,my father died of cancer & mum take it as dad went for a long term nap. Cool huh? Let's not talk about the past,it's now a history. The blast that I am having beyond getting my driving license is now over,so I chose to hang out with a colleague of mine,remember Gordon I told u guys about in previous post? Ya it's him,I think he's cute & easy going,but he doesn't! I told him,what if one day all the girls in the world disappeared? He was like,no it's not gonna happen,instead I will still got married with a women,huh hands of the nervous laughter again. I chose to be single but I do need a fuck buddy that comes along,where I can share thoughts,drinks & movies,1 taboo,don't ever date your fuck buddy,u'll be clueless! I just came across of what Gordon has said,I don't like fat girls,& I was like What The Fierce u had said just now? It's true even Pamela Anderson love big boobs/so do men.

Here's the big list
1. Big boobies
2. Big Booties
3. Big Hair
4. Big Lashes
5. Big Lips

but y not big u? The bigger the better,I love to see women appreciating their curves as of skinny girls exposing the bones,gross!

So my point is,be u Skinny,Curvy,Petite,Tall,Gay,Straight,Bi,Black,Chola or Asian you have your own right way to choose to be Single or Couple but to be Mingle,my advise is,give & take. If u think u can Mingle when u had a partner,so is your partner :: Like Beyonce always said "always fifthy2X in relationship"

Till then,
Au Revoir!


Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi there~

how are u guys been doing lately? After watching the newest episode of #ANTM Cycle 16,two thing that Tyra Banks said has been engraved to my brain. "No matter what you feel inside about the other people,you shut your lips,you have to respect the client,you have to respect the co workers & best of all you have to respect yourself,this is a business!" "to the world,the opposite of Fake is Rudeness,when someone being open about everything,the other one will not feel comfortable & think it's not cool" I was wondering how is in the hell that Nigel can said that what happened at home is at home,please this is a reality show! It is real! The whole world is watching it,the client is watching it,the co workers is watching it & so the contestant themselves! To me what is not real is Alexandria. She has this beautiful face,a high confidence in herself that she thinks she is better than anyone else,she told the stylist what to do,she told the director what to do & she even told what Mr Jay has to do. Do you guys really think by viewing her "cool" attitude in an international TV would possibly makes her a winner?! Alexandria really knows how to buy sympathy especially from Tyra & Andre,trust me I will never buy it because I witness her! I saw her annoying attitude that I think only a drunken can makes a decission to hire her. Even when u are quoted as a bitch in the show,personality & being likeable is the key.

Till then,


Monday, April 4, 2011

ABPBH 2010

Raja Azura,Syarifah Shahirah,Aznil Hj Nawawi & Dato' CT has my fullest respect & thumbs up! This 4 genius people is made for the show biz industry! Bravo!!

Kak Engku & Shira has never fail even @ a glance to entertain people,making jokes all the way & being sarcastic about others & that is still okay due to their genuine & beautiful personality. Let say if Scha Al Yahya doing it,she'd be banned & never been call for a MC anymore. They do have the power of stealing the limelight without anyone noticing it & I gotta tell you,it ain't easy for us real people to do it! I believe it would take like years of practicing. My biggest concern about this two lovely ladies is their dreck-ness,Kak Engku,pls hire a new stylist! U seriously need help on the hair,that weave is not working @ all!! Shira can even push it harder,I don't feel her presence at once last nite.

I was amused by the Dato' CT's performance last night,that was really a moment. She is really genius by making her previous hit as a serious comeback & such like,"oh u didn't vote me & see who's crying now!" She has the power & owning the stage like she's in the running. Love love love her headgear! Oh My Cavalli,she really whip it like 10 millions miles away! The only thing that is lack to me is the nor less than Drecktitude outfit she has! That outfit doesn't really show that "I am CT Nurhaliza & had performed more than 10 years & married a Dato' as well,owning a 40K Louis Vuitton!" I really wanted to see her working on those kind of "Aku Penghibur" kind of outfit! Look @ Fasha Sandha,she has never fail to put on real clothes on her body,& Yuna,she has my bow on her unique look! Please eventho she broke the streak by winning best vocal,her voice does not wow me @ all,but she is very unique!

Thank u Dato' CT for making those lovely faces even more lovelier with SimplySity my secret is now yours! What is happening to all those beauty??! They havve like tonnes of make up on their faces! Seriously!!!Yes this is Malaysian brand proclamation,frankly honest,this brand has not reach even a step to Rimmel,Maybelline,Loreal nor Avon. If u said Dato' CT's make up rock in the billboard,yes,it is photo & for one moment,yes she does rock!

To Aznil,congrats on winning the best TV presenter,yes he is irreplaceable! Love his outfit too! He looks fine nowadays! To Shaheizy Sam,congrats on winning the biggest award! That is a huge accomplishment in years of u being in the industry! Kudos from me to ABPBH!

Awaits for talents such as Najwa to perform her soulful jazz~! Love the idea featuring Usop Wilcha!

Till now,xoxo lovely peeps,thanks for reading

p/s : this is only my point of view,to share with publics what I feel about the ABPBH 2010,no heart feelings, :))))Bukan Cinta Biasa/Nirmala K Pop

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fat vs Thin

I read a blog of Whitney Thompson last nite & discover that she don't think thin models are sexy,I have to agree with her. To the world,sexy is exposure of skin,body & all the hidden truth. To fashion industry,sexy is attitude,personality & what comes up on pictures. There were battle about skinny girls have plastic surgery making their booty bigger,boobies bigger & plant lips on the tiny mouth & still think they are sexy. Which is true to some Models Management. Girls that have natural curves,natural booty & bigger boobs are considered fat & a women of pleasure,that is such insults! I think people are confused when Tyra picked Ann Ward as the recent winner of Cycle 16 of Top Model. Ann is born slim & super super tall,she can eat anything but still won't gain any weight which is good for her career. The thing is now,people is so confused y their Lovely Tyra picks a skinny over a curvy model. That is high Fashion,Ann is high fashion & can never work as an intimate model nor Victoria Secret's model/But Whitney,she can do it all,she can work on that Victoria Secret runway & still generates dollars over her curvy body. So as for now let's not get confuse. xoxo Love BBH

Sunday, March 27, 2011

movie night

I really wanna watch that Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa,the thing is there is no boo to go out with me so I felt the chances of getting diabetic & bored is quite high~Maybe? That new ...Dalam Botol is as well has a nice features,can't go see it cos a boo already remind me it ain't worth the money,like??? So what will I be doing this none 24hoursth day off???????? C.L.U.E.L.E.S.S!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I hate u Ros!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Dolce & Gabbana! Damn u!!! It's not my fucking fault if u are home late & plus I am not the one whom arrange ya schedule! Bloody hell U!!! U can shut ya fucking mouth & go back to where u belong such HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011