Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fat vs Thin

I read a blog of Whitney Thompson last nite & discover that she don't think thin models are sexy,I have to agree with her. To the world,sexy is exposure of skin,body & all the hidden truth. To fashion industry,sexy is attitude,personality & what comes up on pictures. There were battle about skinny girls have plastic surgery making their booty bigger,boobies bigger & plant lips on the tiny mouth & still think they are sexy. Which is true to some Models Management. Girls that have natural curves,natural booty & bigger boobs are considered fat & a women of pleasure,that is such insults! I think people are confused when Tyra picked Ann Ward as the recent winner of Cycle 16 of Top Model. Ann is born slim & super super tall,she can eat anything but still won't gain any weight which is good for her career. The thing is now,people is so confused y their Lovely Tyra picks a skinny over a curvy model. That is high Fashion,Ann is high fashion & can never work as an intimate model nor Victoria Secret's model/But Whitney,she can do it all,she can work on that Victoria Secret runway & still generates dollars over her curvy body. So as for now let's not get confuse. xoxo Love BBH

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