Thursday, April 7, 2011


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how are u guys been doing lately? After watching the newest episode of #ANTM Cycle 16,two thing that Tyra Banks said has been engraved to my brain. "No matter what you feel inside about the other people,you shut your lips,you have to respect the client,you have to respect the co workers & best of all you have to respect yourself,this is a business!" "to the world,the opposite of Fake is Rudeness,when someone being open about everything,the other one will not feel comfortable & think it's not cool" I was wondering how is in the hell that Nigel can said that what happened at home is at home,please this is a reality show! It is real! The whole world is watching it,the client is watching it,the co workers is watching it & so the contestant themselves! To me what is not real is Alexandria. She has this beautiful face,a high confidence in herself that she thinks she is better than anyone else,she told the stylist what to do,she told the director what to do & she even told what Mr Jay has to do. Do you guys really think by viewing her "cool" attitude in an international TV would possibly makes her a winner?! Alexandria really knows how to buy sympathy especially from Tyra & Andre,trust me I will never buy it because I witness her! I saw her annoying attitude that I think only a drunken can makes a decission to hire her. Even when u are quoted as a bitch in the show,personality & being likeable is the key.

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