Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Single/Couple/Ready To Mingle?

I am always confuse with few of my friends with regards of their relationship. Was it for temporary or they really do want it to last for their second child? Ok I admire my mum & dad's real relationship as for it going,my father died of cancer & mum take it as dad went for a long term nap. Cool huh? Let's not talk about the past,it's now a history. The blast that I am having beyond getting my driving license is now over,so I chose to hang out with a colleague of mine,remember Gordon I told u guys about in previous post? Ya it's him,I think he's cute & easy going,but he doesn't! I told him,what if one day all the girls in the world disappeared? He was like,no it's not gonna happen,instead I will still got married with a women,huh hands of the nervous laughter again. I chose to be single but I do need a fuck buddy that comes along,where I can share thoughts,drinks & movies,1 taboo,don't ever date your fuck buddy,u'll be clueless! I just came across of what Gordon has said,I don't like fat girls,& I was like What The Fierce u had said just now? It's true even Pamela Anderson love big boobs/so do men.

Here's the big list
1. Big boobies
2. Big Booties
3. Big Hair
4. Big Lashes
5. Big Lips

but y not big u? The bigger the better,I love to see women appreciating their curves as of skinny girls exposing the bones,gross!

So my point is,be u Skinny,Curvy,Petite,Tall,Gay,Straight,Bi,Black,Chola or Asian you have your own right way to choose to be Single or Couple but to be Mingle,my advise is,give & take. If u think u can Mingle when u had a partner,so is your partner :: Like Beyonce always said "always fifthy2X in relationship"

Till then,
Au Revoir!



  1. always 50-50 ?,,,that's sound are very lousy..anyway, to develop the relationship must have give and take...and accept all the things which good or bad..

  2. auwcak : that is for those whom practices to have another women/men when he/she with somebody special. :)